Ion Selective Electrodes from Oakton Instruments

Ion Selective Electrodes

Double junction makes these electrodes ideal even for rugged applications


Each features a BNC connector and 3-ft cable

Use these economical Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) with the ION 510 meter, pH 2500 Ion benchtop meter, or the Ion Acorn®meters. They also are suitable for use with any other ion meter, or with any meter with 0.1 mV resolution. All ISEs feature a BNC connector and 3-ft cable.

ISE solution kits contain the solutions and accessories needed for calibration, sample preparation and measurement of ion concentration and activity. All solutions are supplied with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and have a value of 1000 ppm.


Click below to download an Acrobat (.pdf) file containing more detailed information on our Ion Selective Electrodes and our full selection of ISEs:
Oakton Ion Selective Electrodes

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